Household expenditure on food, drink and catering in the UK reached a staggering £240 billion in 2021, according to recent national statistics.

The latest figures from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs highlight a 12 per cent increase on total consumer spending since 2020, as the country re-emerged from lockdown measures after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purchase of alcoholic drinks rose by over 20 per cent last year, whilst the catering industry rediscovered its popularity as it boomed by nearly 40 per cent.

Kieran Evans, 26, a barista at Costa coffee in Birmingham, explained how spending in his place of work rocketed last year, as well as during his own weekly shop.

He said: “We were used to seeing the shop crammed well before the national lockdown, but since it was lifted, we’ve been rushed off our feet by the amount of people we have coming through the door.

“Something as simple as getting a cup of coffee was taken for granted before, but as soon as the option is taken away from you, you realise how important it is in your everyday life.

“My partner and I were used to online deliveries during COVID as were everyone else, but in the past year we’ve taken every chance to go out and do our shopping, which has meant we have often spent more as we can physically see the food in front of you once again.

“We’d get in the habit of ordering takeaways and having a few glasses of wine at home most days, so I’m not surprised people have carried on that trend since coming out of lockdown.”

The three markets have in fact seen a large rise in consumer expenditure since 2005.

The purchasing on catering and alcoholic drinks in the past 16 years has increased by over £25 billion, and food and drink shopping has risen by over £50 billion.

Since 2010 in fact, spend on alcoholic drinks and food has risen by nearly 50 per cent.