A Nottingham street made over £1m in bus lane fines during 2021 compared to 2018 when it made just under £8,000.

Canal Street, in the southern area of the city centre, has become the most prolific area for penalty charge notices (PCNs).

The total number of fines across 2021 was just over £4.5M, making it responsible for nearly a quarter of all fines at £1.02m.

In 2018, the most profitable area was Carrington Street, accruing just under £640,000, but in 2021 was responsible for just over £220,000.

A recipient of the fines on Canal Street, who did not wish to be named, said that: “The signs for the car park are very conflicting in that area, as you think you can proceed down the road so you unknowingly break the rules.

“It is not very clear that is is a bus lane.

“I was very shocked to receive the fine and it doesn’t seem very fair.”

In 2018, Canal Street was only responsible for 307 different fines, increasing to 39,021 in 2021.

Carrington Street decreased over the same period, with 21,921 in 2018 and 7,878 in 2021.

Carrington Street Bus Lane

Stephan Richeux, media manager at Nottingham City Council, said the PCNs and bus lanes were important for the future city development.

He said: “The bus lane fines are used for transport improvements.

“It does add an average of a couple of minutes on a typical journey across the city, but it makes that part of the city more pleasant to be in.”

Mr Richeux added before introduction of these bus lanes, there were around ten different lanes of traffic between the station and the city centre, which was: “Not a great, welcoming gateway to the city for people coming in from the south.

Responding to the idea that the lanes are not easily identifiable, Mr Richeux commented only a small percentage of motorists driving in that area are being penalised, showing that the lanes are generally known.

“It makes that part of the city much more pleasant to be in”

Stephan Richeux, Nottingham City Council media manager

The bus lanes around the Broadmarsh area are part of its redevelopment, aiming to create an eco-friendly urban hub.

Beck Street and Shakespeare Street are other streets with high numbers of PCNs.

Bus lane PCNs are given out if a motorist drives into the area which is covered as being for registered vehicles only, including buses and certain taxis. These PCNs in Nottingham cost £70, but if paid within 30 days are reduced by half to £35.