Photo: BBC News.

A Nottinghamshire woman has captured fox clubs playing on her trampoline.

Liz Renshaw, of Lady Bay Nottingham, set up a camera trap in her back garden to watch wildlife.

She says that her and her family watch the footage instead of the TV.

Liz has spotted eight cubs bouncing on the trampoline in her back garden.

“We’re going to have a wine and watch them out the window.

“It’s a better alternative to telly isn’t it.

“It’s live, in front of the window

“As a family, it’s exciting to look at the footage each morning”, she tells the BBC.

Liz says that she normally sees squirrels and birds in her garden, so seeing foxes has been great.

She says that she has seen the mother fox feeding her cubs, and recognises how important it is that they are able to do that themselves, so has “no plans to try and encourage them as pets”.

Featured Image via BBC News