A special constable has been given an award for volunteering 435 hours to help make Nottinghamshire safer.

Mason Beall, 20, was rewarded with Special Constable of the Year at the Nottinghamshire Police Force awards.

His work is considered as “simply brilliant” and has played a vital part in making the community safer.

Last year he was given a full-time job as a police officer after completing 97 hours as a cadet leader.

Beall said: “I feel really privileged to have won this award.

“I didn’t realise I had been nominated for it to begin with, I was simply doing what I was passionate about, as do all Special Constables across the force.”

This new position allows him to work voluntarily on a part-time basis while having the same power, uniform and responsibilities has a paid police officer.

He was nominated by Special Sergeant Rory Simpson who saw him engage in several proactive operations and engagement events.

As special constable, Beall spends a lot of time on the streets by taking part in frontline police work and crime-prevention initiatives as well as doing intelligence-based patrols in crime hotspots.

The sergeant highlighted that as a cadet Beall often took extra time to run cadet sessions without complaining.

Simpson said: “Mason is brilliant.

“He works really hard within Nottinghamshire Police to ensure he can help others wherever he can.

“He works extra hard at everything he does and we can’t thank him enough.

“He always did what he could to inspire the young minds of the cadets and share his experience of policing and the cadet programme.

“Alongside cadets, Mason supported regular colleagues and specials across the county in a variety of ways before himself becoming a regular officer.

“Some of the students said Mason had inspired them to want to join the police.

“The feedback he’s had has been amazing.”