Police have seized a £130,000 Porsche after a car meet at a tram stop in Stapleford.

Several motorists were dealt with by officers at a gathering at Toton Lane Park and Ride on Sunday, April 30.

The Porsche was taken after its driver failed to make sure the vehicle was road legal, Nottingham Police said.

Officers said it had formed part of an ongoing operation to tackle car meets across the city and county – with residents increasingly complaining about the issue.

Neighbourhood Inspector Mike Ebbins said: “Sunday was a great result and shows our commitment to ensuring that this park and ride does not become a location of choice for these types of meets.

“We realise the noise and anti-social behaviour that large gatherings of vehicles can cause for the local community and will always act on any calls we receive.

“While we don’t receive a large volume of calls from local residents about this site, it is still one of our many priorities for the area of Toton and if it becomes an ongoing issue then we will put resources in place to address it.”

Trevor Stocker, NET Head of Operations, added: “The seizure of this high value car by the police should act as a deterrent to others thinking of misusing our park and ride facilities, which are exclusively for the use of tram customers.

“Although this action was taken in response to other motoring offenses, it demonstrates how we are working closely with the police on regular operations to clamp down on any inconsiderate or anti-social behaviour across the network.

“Whilst the entire tram network, including park and ride facilities, is covered by high-definition CCTV cameras that often help identify offenders, we would urge anyone who witnesses any suspicious activity to contact the police immediately.”