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With the coronation just around the corner, CBJ Star has rounded up the latest commentary surrounding the historic ceremony.

Nottingham locals, a royal expert and a senior journalist have all presented different view about the monarchy.

It comes after the largest wave of anti-royal sentiment the country has seen in many years.

In the Arnold Community Group, there were many replies to a post about coronation bunting being put up, with Boryana Stoykava-Dimova commenting: “I would have done it for my Queen!

“However, I don’t feel this respect towards her son nor to her mistress.”

January Norway took a different angle, bemoaning the money being spent on the coronation, saying: “Huge waste of money when people are forced to use food banks to feed themselves. Shameful.”

The Government has refused to put an exact figure on the cost of the coronation but there are estimates by other UK media outlets that put it anywhere from £50 million to more than £100 million.

The use of food banks has increased dramatically over the cost of living crisis.

The Trussell Trust has stated December 2022 was their busiest month on record.

Gertrude Daly, an American royal blogger with a focus on British and European royals, told CBJ Star that while Elizabeth II was a stabilizing figure in the UK and around the world, Charles is ready to step into her shoes and carry on her work.

Gertrude believes that Charles’ long tenure as Prince of Wales will be beneficial to his reign, saying: “While his reign is just beginning, he is continuing with a lot of the work and causes he has always championed, as well as continuing his mother’s traditions.

“So, I think in a lot of ways, it is more of the same.

“I think over the rest of the year, as King Charles takes Elizabeth’s place at all the annual events (Trooping, Order of Garter) we will get more of that feeing that in some ways nothing has changed.”

Much of the rising anti-royal sentiment has been put down to the changing minds of the contemporary youth who do not strongly align with the monarchy.

Ash Sarkar, a senior editor at Novara Media speaking on Newsnight last night, said: “When it comes to this generation in particular, young people are interested in the values of fairness and the values of representation.

“Whatever way you slice it, the monarchy is neither a fair nor a representative institution.”