Nottinghamshire Police issued the fine

A graduate has told how he endured the ‘worst months of his life’ following a massive fine for breaching lockdown regulations.

The Nottingham Trent University student, who was 20 years old at the time, hosted a party in September 2020 with around 80 attendees.

The bash was quickly shut down by police, leaving him with a £10,000 hole in his pocket.

“The whole process was just absolutely awful,” the graduate said.

“My housemates and I were all really depressed.

“We weren’t eating or sleeping properly, we didn’t do any university work for about three months because every day we were talking to solicitors, the police, the university and the students union.”

At the time, indoor gatherings with people not in your household were banned in the UK.

But it was later revealed former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his staff had breached restrictions. Mr Johnson was issued a fixed penalty notice.

The graduate told the Metro he was the only one of his housemates to pay the fine upfront, using £6,000 he had in savings and money from his parents.

He has no hope of getting the £10,000 back.

His housemates contested the fine in court and were left to pay £300 and given a low-level criminal record set to last for one year.