Credit: Foods Standards Agency

Shoppers are being urged to check their fridges for several popular kids’ yoghurts as they may contain a deadly bacteria.

Six Cadbury chocolate desserts were recalled over the bank holiday over fears they could contain listeria monocytogenes.

The Foods Standards Agency (FSA) has warned people not to eat the individually-sold Daim, Crunchie, Flake, Dairy Milk Buttons, Dairy Milk Chunks and Cadbury Heroes 75g chocolate desserts.

The use-by dates to look out for are May 17 for Crunchie and Flake, and May 18 for the rest.

The bacteria listeria can cause listeriosis.

According to the NHS, symptoms can include a high temperature, aches and pains, feeling sick or being sick, and diarrhoea.

For many, listeriosis only causes mild symptoms but pregnant women, newborn babies and over 65s are at higher risk of serious infection from it.

If you get listeriosis while you’re pregnant, there is a risk it could cause miscarriage or stillbirth.

In babies, older people and people with a weakened immune system, listeriosis can sometimes lead to serious and life-threatening problems such as sepsis or meningitis.

The manufacturer Müller said customers can return the recalled products for a full refund.