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Nottingham Star Wars fanatics can enjoy events across the city today as fans mark the annual event.

The day is celebrated on May 4 every year, mimicking the memorable quote from from the series, “May the force be with you”.

Star Wars has a rich 45 year history, with celebrants spanning across many generations, from those who saw the originals in cinemas to contemporary consumers being introduced to it through series’ like The Mandalorian.

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The day is normally preceded by the annual Star Wars Celebration, which this year was held in London, and footage from this can be seen on the Star Wars YouTube.

Tom Fraser, an employee at Forbidden Planet where one event is being held:”We have some quite exciting stuff.

“The event is something of a sale, and we have cosplayers coming in as people want to dress on the day.

“We try and have a lot of Star Wars stock in as it is a perfect day for it.

“We’ve got in a couple of lighsabers, a lot of figures, comics, and a Mandalorian helmet”.

There will also be an event for the lategoers at Percy Picklebackers.

Running from 10:30pm to 2:30am, the party will feature JPop, JRock, Emo throwbacks mixed in with Percy’s alternative charm.

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Cosplay is encouraged, as well as anime wear of other sorts.

Percy Picklebackers have a range of drinks available, including their famous apple pie moonshine and 20 different styles of Long Island iced tea, all for £5.