Local elections were on in Nottingham today, but not all local people were keen to exercise their right to vote.

We headed over to Nottingham city centre to quiz people on their voting habits. 

The interviews revealed a city divided, fuelled by apparent apathy. 

One local voiced his mistrust in the “system” and said: “I’m not voting at all.”

The individual, who preferred to remain anonymous added: “Vote for what? What is going to change?

“Things are set in stone, and that stone is not going to crack until it is time to crack”

Annette Clay, 66, shared a similar mistrust of the system, quoting the Council as “not for the everyday person”.

The flower shop owner stated that her decision not to vote is due to the empty promises made by councillors. 

“I don’t think none of them are worth voting for,” she said.

“That’s why I am not voting.”

Younger locals Thomas Godber, 25, and Martyna Bernotaite, 20, were not even aware of the ongoing election and chose to prioritize “chilling” and “university” respectively, over voting.

However, some locals have opted to vote for councillors they believe will impact change.

University worker Adam Pickard, 50, and his son, NHS worker, Alex, 23, have chosen to take policy and community development into consideration when casting their votes.

Adam said: “I like to know who it is I am voting for.

“It is usually about the economy, but they also need to have local respectability and credentials.”