Police are continuing their investigation at a field in Sutton-in-Ashfield where human remains were discovered.

Officers have been at the site in Coxmoor Road since Wednesday, April 26.

There is a cordon and no-fly zone in place while the investigation is ongoing.

Scientists are on the scene to help, including an anthropologist, and forensic and DNA work is being carried out so that formal identification can be made.

Superintendent for the County, Claire Rukas said: “We know that the public will be eager to know what has happened and who this person is.

“At this time there is nothing to indicate that this is an archaeological find but until further tests are carried out we are not going to be able to say anything further.

“We are therefore treating it as ongoing police investigation.

“We will provide all the information we have as soon as we get it. This is a complex investigation and unfortunately investigations like this do take time.

“We were expecting to be at the site for seven days but will be extending that into next week while more work is carried out.

“We would like to thank the local community for their patience. It is really important that no stone is left unturned and we carry out a thorough investigation into who this person is and how they died.”