Lenton neighbours have despaired after new electric Lime bikes are scattered across pavements, sparking concerns for wheelchair users.

The bikes which have recently been rolled out in Nottingham have been pictured on Harlaxton Drive, left in disarray.

On Thursday, one resident complained that the bikes’ parking space was “at the end of a road with a residential home for physically and mentally disabled residents” and expressed concern for how carers would be able to get past when taking the residents out in their wheelchairs.

Kate, a resident of Harlaxton Drive and chairman of the residents’ group said: “I don’t have a problem with the bikes or the scooters when used safely and properly on the road.

“They should definitely be parked only using racks that the bikes are locked into to avoid being inconsiderately left on the pavement by the user or knocked over by a random person passing by.”

Another resident shared that he had been picking up and tidying the bikes himself in his spare time.

Joanne, another resident said that she ‘can’t remember a problem with the previous normal bikes we could hire’.

She added: “But maybe because they were locked in bays and you had to return them to the bays.”

Alice Pleasant, public affairs manager at Lime said: “Lime understands the importance of not obstructing pavements and other shared spaces – it is vital that our service works for everyone sharing our streets.

“All of our e-bikes must be parked in designated parking bays, marked ‘P’ in our app. They must be picked up and dropped off in these designated areas, and we are providing regular and ongoing in-app education to all riders that sign-up to our new service in Nottingham on this.

“We have a number of ways to help ensure riders park safely and responsibly at the end of their journey.

“Riders are required to take an ‘end-trip photo’ of how they park. These photos are reviewed, with users warned and fined for any parking outside of the dedicated bays.

“We also have an on-street team to help make sure vehicles are well-maintained and not obstructing pavements.

“Reports of obstructive parking should be sent to support@li.me, and our Lime foot patrollers will commit to moving any obstructive vehicles within a short time-frame.”

A spokesperson for Nottingham City Council said that Lime bikes had been informed of residents concerns.