An all-girls school has hosted Nottingham’s first ever TEDx, in aims to highlight the importance of diversity and equality within the community.

Nottingham Girls High School (NGHS) partnered with leading conferences organisation TED to showcase what the city has to offer, as well as to celebrate the work done by the institution.

Several speakers took part in the event, including world-renowned pop musician and entrepreneur Sudha Kheterpal, and award-winning BBC presenter Summaya Mughal.

The night revolved around inclusion, diversity and equality, all relevant themes to young girls about to enter the workplace.

Caroline Forbes, NGHS Director of Marketing, said: “We have a very diverse city, and people from all different backgrounds at school.

“We hope and aim for of the girls to go on to have careers.

“We wanted to inspire them through our TEDx, to show them that they can do anything their put their mind up to.

“They are the female leaders of the future.”

Period poverty, the importance of decolonising the curriculum as well as the necessity to bring in different voices were among the topics discussed by guests and students.

Caroline added: “The challenge of the night was to help people deeper understand contemporary issues with the help of experts on the matter.

“I think everyone came away from the event thinking differently.”

With over 100 people attending, Nottingham’s first TEDx was a success all around.