St Ann's Advice Centre have been dealing with an influx of people unable to pay their rent

A senior debt advisor in Nottingham has called for a rent cap to protect tenants in the city.

A rent cap was introduced in Scotland in September 2022, which brought in a three per cent cap on rent increases in a year.

The cap is due to expire in early 2024, with the Scottish government planning on introducing a more long-term measure into policy.

St Ann’s Advice has saw an increase of people using their services as more people are struggling to pay their rent.

Tim Mountford, a Senior Debt Advisor at St Ann’s Advice, said: “A rent cap is definitely needed.

“The amount the rent has gone up is ridiculous, how much it has gone up in the last five years.

“We used to not work with that many people who were in private renting, but we’ve worked with a lot more people in private renting now and it’s just totally disproportionate how much people are expected to pay.

“Private renting is more than most people’s mortgage.

“We’re getting people in whose rent is sort of seven, eight, nine hundred pounds.

“A lot of the people, especially around here who are on private rented, tend to be in not very well-paid jobs… so it’s just a massively disproportionate amount of money you’re trying to find for your rent.”

The advice group have also been dealing with the effects of landlord pressures on clients.

Sally Marshall, advice centre supervisor, said: “It’s the insecurity of private rented accommodation.

“I’ve had several clients who basically are being moved out their property because the landlord wants to sell.

“I’ve had a lady where the landlord is trying to force her out and he put her rent up from £750 to £1250 a month which she can’t afford, but he wants to either rent at that rate or sell the property.”

Following Scotland’s efforts, rent reform may be needed in Nottingham, where Debbie Webster, advice centre manager, said: “I think there should be rent control.

“It made landlords accountable for society, where once you’ve set that rent control, it’s on that property.”

There are only three two-bedroom properties, not including student properties, listed for under £1000 a month in St Ann’s, with the cheapest being £825.

But it appears that rent reform measures in England are still yet to happen.

Last November, the government voted down Labour’s proposal to stop no-fault evictions immediately after the Renters Reform Bill comes into law, choosing to wait for court reforms before banning the evictions.