The building on Swinburne Street is privately owned

A hazardous building needs cordoning off before children get hurt, says a St Ann’s resident.

The dreadful structure in Swinburne Street, near the Hindu Temple and Community Centre, was set on fire in early 2023 by some youths.

Residents have contacted the police and council about the eyesore structure.

Resident Rastarella Falade, 45, said: “All the young children, six and seven years old jumping over there.

“Someone has to die for something to be done with it, they need to cordon it off because someone will die, children will die, it’s a deathtrap, someone will get injured.”

Longtime resident, Jessie Burrows, 82, added: “If any slates did come off the top you don’t know what damage it could do.”

Residents have complained to the police and council over the ‘eyesore’ building

The residents say their complaints have been repeatedly ignored.

One homeowner – who asked not to be named – said: “Kids throwing bricks, kicking balls… the kids think it’s a playground.

“We’ve complained to the council, but they don’t seem to be bothered.”

Lee, who has lived in the area for 22 years, said: “It’s antisocial behaviour, the council don’t seem to be bothered to deal with antisocial behaviour.

“My question is, have [the council] tried to find out who owns it and what they’re going to do with it?”

Corall Jenkins, a councillor for St Ann’s, said: “It appears that the building next to [the Hindu Temple] is privately owned… not in Nottingham City Council ownership and never has been.”

Nottingham City Council were contacted for comment.

A spokesperson said the responsibility lay with the owners.

The site has been used by children and fly tippers

The dire sight has also been used as a dumping ground by fly tippers.

Rastarella said: “It’s brought the whole street down.”

Jessie added: “I think it’s disgusting personally… it’s an eyesore really, it brings the whole neighbourhood down.”

A spokesperson for the Hindu Temple next to the building said: “The only comment I can make at present is that the committee is aware of the derelict building, the fly tipping and occasional rough sleeper being there. These issues are to be discussed at the January meeting and thereafter follow up as necessary.”