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Council bosses have rejected complaints about an outdoor events company after frustrated residents fear for public safety.

Gedling Borough Council held a meeting on Thursday, October 26 regarding the licensing of B2B Events Ltd as there were issues regarding the safety of the customers and residents.

Sunil Vidhani, spokesperson for the residents, called for this angry meeting to discuss potential breaches of rights.

B2B Events Ltd, situated in Lime Lane, Arnold offers activities such as Axe and Knife throwing, a Maze, Live Music and the sale of alcohol.

Mr Vidhani said that: “B2B are not a suitable organisation for holding events.

“There were altercations between security and the neighbours.

“Events were poorly managed from a public safety point of view.

“B2B have already demonstrated that they’ve been serving alcohol to children which is unacceptable”

Mr Vidhani mentioned that there had been an absolute vast number of complaints.

Aaron Cowley, the owner of B2B Events Ltd, said that: “90% of every single rugby club, football club, leisure centres all have bars.”

“we have looked after children that come on site, so to actually say that we’re actually endangering children is ludicrous.”

Witness Jenny Higgins who is also a resident of Gedling Borough Council asserted the fact that ID is regularly checked when serving alcohol at the establishment.

Mr Cowley also addressed the complaints saying that whilst there are 130 complaints from residents there were three main complainants, one who submitted a total of 81 complaints.

He went on to explain that when the police got involved, they two offered letters of support to B2B Events Ltd.

The council concluded after a full consideration that according to the full licensing objectives they haven’t seen sufficient evidence of a negative impact.