Nottingham’s Tory police and crime boss has criticised the former home secretary’s controversial views on homelessness. 

Suella Braverman’s tweet describing rough sleeping as a “lifestyle choice” in November caused backlash and calls for her to be sacked. 

The now-former home secretary made the comment while defending her proposal to restrict homeless people’s use of tents on the street. 

Caroline Henry, the Nottingham police and crime commissioner who represents the Conservative party, gave her opinion on this tweet in the police and crime panel meeting on Monday, November 20. 

She said: “I’ve not met anybody whose homelessness is a lifestyle choice, speaking openly.

“I know there is difficulty sometimes if people are using substances and they can’t get into a hostel because of that, but I don’t think that’s a choice – I think that’s an addiction.

“I would have a different opinion to our previous home secretary on that area.”

St Ann’s Advice Centre help more homeless people than ever before

Debbie Webster, manager of St Ann’s Advice Centre felt ‘offended’ by Braverman’s views on homelessness.

She said: “It’s a ludicrous thing to say – what planet is she on?

“It’s offensive to me and it’s offensive to all the homeless people that we support.

“It’s insulting to say that if homeless people shopped better they would be in a better position.”

The St Ann’s Advice Centre, based in Robin Hood Chase, St Ann’s, now supports more rough sleepers than ever before, including families who were made homeless by no fault evictions.

Debbie says people are now in a more vulnerable position and Mrs Braverman’s comments increase the stigma around homelessness.

“Something happens like relationships break down, their health gets bad, or they lose their job and then they fall into a social security pit which they can’t get out of.

“This current system puts people in the pit”, she said.