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Gedling Borough Council have praised measures to make their streets safer but have called for more activities for young people.

July 2022 saw the start of safer communities in Colwick and Netherfield after Gedling Borough Council were awarded £250,000 in the Safer Streets 4 Scheme, aimed at women and girls’ safety.

The funding went towards new CCTV, PCSO laptops, car park safety, youth provisions and street lighting improvements.

In just 13 months, both communities have seen visible changes, the councillors said.

Councillor Kathryn Fox said: “I welcome the CCTV additions, the warden patrols, the carpark lighting, in particular, and the Cinderhill path improvements.

“Looking through the residents survey it was interesting to note that they have all made a significant impact on the way that women and girls and parents feel safe.”

There have been over 400 hours of proactive monitoring patrols with the new CCTV, a 50 per cent decrease in PCSO’s time spent at stations, greater use of car parks, two street wardens contracted and 13 youth work sessions provided, involving some known to the police.

Councillor Jenny Hollingsworth said: “I think what’s been done in the short space of time with a relatively small amount of money is really exemplary.”

But there are some concerns over short-lived funding grants and youth services.

Coun Hollingsworth added: “But I look at youth provision, great, 13 youth sessions delivered to 33 individuals, but we need far more sustained input for youth.

“We can’t have just these individual sessions and then leave the youth to their own devices again, it’s just unsustainable and it’s about time we got some proper long term sustained funding from this government…”

Councillor Viv McCrossen said: “We’d hope our colleagues in the county council are listening, particularly when it comes to the youth provision.

“One of the things that we know from surveys is young people don’t feel safe in their communities so all we can do to support and make sure there are safe places for young people to go, and we know in the old days that was the local youth club, that doesn’t exist…”